Spiral Internet’s Gigabit Project Funding Goes to Vote and Needs Your Help

On December 3, 2015, the California Public Utilities Commission is scheduled to vote on Spiral Internet’s (as Bright Fiber Network) gigabit fiber optic Internet network project. We have worked long and hard for almost three years to obtain this funding. Now in this one final push, we need your help.

The network will have an extremely positive impact on our economy, jobs, education, and quality of life. It will enable young people to stay here to work, and bring young families to our community. The best part: it will be operated by a local provider who understands the frustration of existing Internet access speeds and the big providers, and is open to community input and feedback.

We need you to send out emails of support as follows:

(1) What to write (please feel free to write this in your own words):

SUBJECT: Support for Resolution T-17495 Bright Fiber Network

As a resident ( — or business owner, student, realtor, etc. — ) in rural Nevada County, I ask that you vote in favor of Resolution T-17495, which will appear on the December 3 CPUC Commission agenda and approve California Advanced Services Fund monies for Bright Fiber Network’s gigabit fiber to the premise project.

This project will provide sustainable and fast Internet service to areas in our county that currently rely on slow and sometimes intermittent access from existing providers. Our K-12 and college students will benefit from at-home speeds that will enable them to complete online homework, research and reports. Additionally, telecommuters and home-based businesses will be positively impacted by the project’s reliable and fast access.

( — You can add a comment here about why you specifically want this project funded, or how slow Internet connections affect you personally. — )

Your Name
City, State

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(2) Whom to email your letters of support to:

Send five separate emails to the following Commissioners, with copies to their Telecommunications Advisor.

President Michael Picker <michael.picker@cpuc.ca.gov>
cc: Liz Podolinsky, Telecommunications Advisor <pod@cpuc.ca.gov>

Commissioner Mike Florio <mike.florio@cpuc.ca.gov>
cc: Jessica Hecht, Telecommunications Advisor <jessica.hecht@cpuc.ca.gov>

Commissioner Catherine Sandoval <catherine.sandoval@cpuc.ca.gov>
cc: Bill Johnston, Telecommunications Advisor <william.johnston@cpuc.ca.gov>

Commissioner Carla Peterman <carla.peterman@cpuc.ca.gov>
cc: John Reynolds, Telecommunications Advisor <john.reynolds@cpuc.ca.gov>

Commissioner Liane Randolph <liane.randolph@cpuc.ca.gov>
cc: Lester Wong, Telecommunications Advisor <lester.wong@cpuc.ca.gov>

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thank you for your help and patience over the years. 2016 is going to be awesome, as we begin lighting up the network!

John Paul, CEO
Spiral Internet / Bright Fiber Network, Inc.

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Fiber Optic Project Awarded “Telephone Utility” Status

On May 7, the California Public Utilities Commission Board voted unanimously to approve a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the building of western Nevada County’s gigabit fiber optic Internet network. Most importantly, this “telephone utility” status gives us “access to public rights of way in California”. This certification was critical in obtaining as simplifies the installation of our fiber optic infrastructure in the same way afforded AT&T, Comcast and PG&E. In the absence of an “Internet utility” status in California, this telecommunications designation is key. Essentially, a big win for Nevada County. Stay tuned.

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Spiral Internet Celebrates 9th Anniversary

It was on May 1, 2006 when Nevada County Community Network (NCCN) turned over the reigns to Chip and myself. It was a technologically bumpy ride for the first few days as — unbeknown to us — the NCCN dial-up access numbers were shut off over that initial weekend before we could alert the customers about the new call in numbers. Then the phone answering system we inherited from NCCN, just up and died. Calls were literally coming in every minute from irate costumers. Talk about initiation by fire.

From day one, Chip and I knew that we had to bring much faster Internet service throughout western Nevada County. It took a while to find the best path to make that happen. There is no question that Google Fiber inspired us. On this Thursday, our application to become a “telephone utility” is on the agenda to be approved by the California Public Utilities Commission Board. This will provide us with the rights of way that utilities such as AT&T and PG&E have, so we can build our Gigabit 100% fiber optic network. And very soon, our Phase 1 California Advanced Services Fund grant application will also be approved.

By the time of Spiral’s 10th Anniversary, a good number of our Phase 1 customers will be enjoying the use of symmetrical Gigabit speeds on our new fiber optic network. To say that I’m getting excited would be an understatement.

If you haven’t already, watch our “It Starts With Light” video.

John Paul, CEO, Spiral

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