Six years ago today, 95959google started it all …

On March 14, 2016, Spiral Internet — along with a terrific team of volunteers — made the rally to get Google’s attention a reality. It was a sunny, warm early Spring day. Hundreds of people showed up to do what we do best in Nevada City … throw a parade and a party. For “old times sake”, watch the video again at and see how our event made its way into the New York Times, and CBS News with Katy Couric.

Know that 95959google made it clear to us that the community would support our efforts to build a similar network here. (We always knew that Google would pick a much bigger city, and it did — Kansas City first.) We were thrilled to be one of the 1,100 communities that submitted proposals. We’re even more thrilled to be one of the few that went ahead to build a gigabit network ourselves. And, ironically technologically a better one than Google is building elsewhere. (But shhh. Don’t tell them.)

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CPUC Commission Approves Funding for Spiral’s Gigabit Internet Network Project in Nevada County

At 10:47am today, during the California Public Utilities Commission meeting in San Francisco, the Commission voted (4-1) to approve $16.7M in funding from the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) for Spiral Internet’s Bright Fiber Network project in western Nevada County. The grant ($16.2M) and loan ($500k) will provide 60% funding for the project. The 40% balance of the budget will be funded by private investment.

Spiral Internet (as Bright Fiber Network, Inc.) submitted a CASF grant application on February 1, 2013 to build phase one of a gigabit fiber optic Internet network to be located along Hwy 174 and Dog Bar Road in the southeastern part of Nevada County.

Phase one will provide gigabit (1,000 megabits per second) symmetrical Internet access speeds over a new 100% fiber optic network for 1,941 households. It will also serve businesses, schools, and public safety facilities within its 21 square mile imprint and along the route from the project area to its new network operations center located in the Nevada City Tech Center.

In San Francisco, Spiral CEO John Paul remarked that “Nevada County households are completely fed up with diminishing access to slow DSL service and fixed wireless providers that can only connect less than 10% of households due to high forestation and geography. Spiral’s Bright Fiber Network project will provide 21st century gigabit access to every household, business, school, healthcare facility, and public safety facility in our project areas.”
“In the end, the grant was really approved because of the incredible support from our community. Hundreds of emails and letters of support were sent to the Commissioners over the last few weeks. Key community leaders also traveled down to San Francisco and spoke publicly at an earlier CPUC Commission meeting.” John continued, “Since Spiral produced the 95959google event in March 2010, Nevada County told us loud and clear that reliable ultra-fast Internet access was essential here. We can finally deliver it.”

The state-of-the-art active ethernet network will be built all underground to each premise; providing sustainability and scalability for fifty to one hundred years into the future. It will be the first such network in rural northern California, and one of the few within California. Construction is expected to begin in late spring of 2016.

Nevada County residents are encouraged to map their location at as Spiral prepares for future phases of its network construction.

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Spiral Internet’s Gigabit Project Funding Goes to Vote and Needs Your Help

On December 3, 2015, the California Public Utilities Commission is scheduled to vote on Spiral Internet’s (as Bright Fiber Network) gigabit fiber optic Internet network project. We have worked long and hard for almost three years to obtain this funding. Now in this one final push, we need your help.

The network will have an extremely positive impact on our economy, jobs, education, and quality of life. It will enable young people to stay here to work, and bring young families to our community. The best part: it will be operated by a local provider who understands the frustration of existing Internet access speeds and the big providers, and is open to community input and feedback.

We need you to send out emails of support as follows:

(1) What to write (please feel free to write this in your own words):

SUBJECT: Support for Resolution T-17495 Bright Fiber Network

As a resident ( — or business owner, student, realtor, etc. — ) in rural Nevada County, I ask that you vote in favor of Resolution T-17495, which will appear on the December 3 CPUC Commission agenda and approve California Advanced Services Fund monies for Bright Fiber Network’s gigabit fiber to the premise project.

This project will provide sustainable and fast Internet service to areas in our county that currently rely on slow and sometimes intermittent access from existing providers. Our K-12 and college students will benefit from at-home speeds that will enable them to complete online homework, research and reports. Additionally, telecommuters and home-based businesses will be positively impacted by the project’s reliable and fast access.

( — You can add a comment here about why you specifically want this project funded, or how slow Internet connections affect you personally. — )

Your Name
City, State

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(2) Whom to email your letters of support to:

Send five separate emails to the following Commissioners, with copies to their Telecommunications Advisor.

President Michael Picker <>
cc: Liz Podolinsky, Telecommunications Advisor <>

Commissioner Mike Florio <>
cc: Jessica Hecht, Telecommunications Advisor <>

Commissioner Catherine Sandoval <>
cc: Bill Johnston, Telecommunications Advisor <>

Commissioner Carla Peterman <>
cc: John Reynolds, Telecommunications Advisor <>

Commissioner Liane Randolph <>
cc: Lester Wong, Telecommunications Advisor <>

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thank you for your help and patience over the years. 2016 is going to be awesome, as we begin lighting up the network!

John Paul, CEO
Spiral Internet / Bright Fiber Network, Inc.

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