CVIN/CENIC $46M grant for middle-mile project into Nevada County

This approximately $46.6 million award, with nearly $20 million in matching contributions, will allow Central Valley Independent Network (CVIN) to offer affordable middle-mile broadband service in the Central Valley region of California. The project plans to directly connect up to 63 community institutions to broadband. As many as 3.6 million people stand to benefit as do 160,000 businesses. In addition to the over 280 jobs CVIN estimates the project will create, it will provide a foundation for economic growth and job creation for decades to come.

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3 comments to CVIN/CENIC $46M grant for middle-mile project into Nevada County

  • Dennis Jameson

    I thought this was supposed to be less expensive than comparable satelite service? I’m paying $69/month for 100 mbps. Now I don’t believe I’m receiving anywhere near that level of service, but for the same price I get the equipment rental free as well as the initial set-up. So I’m wondering how is the service less expensive?

  • john

    If you have satellite service, you are paying $69/mo for 10Mbps speeds, not 100. The problem with satellite Internet access has to do with what is called “latency”. That relatively “fast” speed of 10Mbps (megabits per second of data transfer) is perfect is your just watching a video stream. However, once your computer needs to communicate back and forth with another server the distance is 20,000 miles up and 20,000 miles back down — each time. The perception then is that you have slow service, but in reality you are justing waiting while the data covers those extreme distances. It’s why satellite is not an ideal Internet service device.

  • Phil

    100Mbps is the connection of your local area network connection (the connection between you and the satellite modem ONLY). The connection from the modem to the sky and back is extremely limited in throughput maximum usually of 1 – 3 Mbps Download and 256Kbps Upload with a Latency averaging 1 second +/- 40% and never reliable.

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