Correction to Article in Aug 9 Issue of The Union

The fiber optic infrastructure project (Central Valley Next-Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project) that is about to start construction in western Nevada County, plus 17 other central state counties, is being built by CVIN (Central Valley Independent Network, recently renamed Vast Networks) in cooperation with CENIC (Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California), a non-profit that brings ultra-high speed connections to colleges and schools.

The $66.6 million project is 90% funded by a combination of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and California Advanced Services Fund monies. The western Nevada County portion of the project is expected to be completed in mid-2013. It is currently in its city of Grass Valley permitting process, having completed both Nevada County and Nevada City permitting.

This open access fiber optic infrastructure will enable Spiral Internet to extend ultra-high speed 100% fiber optic Internet access to homes and businesses.

SmarterBroadband received an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act $1.87 million grant / $630,000 loan combination to extend and upgrade their existing fixed wireless network. It is not part of the CVIN infrastructure project, as was reported in the “Internet access issues” article in the August 9 issue of The Union. This project is reported to be completed in fall of 2015. Its progress can be monitored on the ARRA website.

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  • john

    Rick has a good quick read overview on his website about the benefits of 100% fiber optic networks. Worth reading.

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