Fiber Optic Infrastructure Construction Continues in Western Nevada County

The Central Valley Next-Generation Broadband Infrastructure Project has began boring and trenching during the past few weeks, as a large open access fiber optic cable is being brought into western Nevada County. CVIN (dba Vast Networks) is building this American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) and California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) funded 18-county project and reportedly hired a construction firm from Minnesota to do the work, as part of a bidding process.

The crew has been working its way down from Yuba County, up Peaceful Valley Road, then along Bitney Springs and Newtown Roads. In that part of Nevada County, Pleasant Valley School will be obtaining a 1 Gigabit per second (what is called a “gig”) connection from this project.

In the days, and weeks, ahead, the project’s construction will cross under Hwy 49 at Newtown, go up Indian Flat Road to the Rood Government Building. The Madelyn Helling Library will also get a “gig” connection. From there, construction will proceed through Nevada City, up past Nevada Union High School (another “gig” connection) and along Sierra College Blvd. to E. Main Street; ¬†continuing through downtown Grass Valley. It will then head down McCourtney Road to Duggans Road and then Wolf Road to Hwy 49. At Hwy 49, a spur will provide another “gig” connection to Bear River High School, but the main project will continue down Hwy 49 into Placer County.

The entire infrastructure project extends from Hwy 5 in Colusa County in the north, south to Hwy 5 in Kern County (Bakersfield).

Note that this is, what is called, a “middle-mile” project. Consequently, there will be no connections to individual homes or businesses. However, the project is open access, so Spiral Internet will be building those last-mile 100% fiber optic connections. Stay tuned to this blog as we progress.

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52 comments to Fiber Optic Infrastructure Construction Continues in Western Nevada County

  • rob

    When will duggans rd. Lineup make house connections?

  • Hi Rob.

    Note that the Vast Networks infrastructure project that has been ongoing for the past few years, will not be providing connections to homes. However, Spiral Internet is building a gigabit fiber optic Internet network in western Nevada County. Go to see what phase your home will be located in.


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