Spiral’s Gigabit Service Sign-ups Begin

Starting today, you can now sign up and make a deposit for Spiral’s gigabit 100% fiber optic internet network service if you are located in our “Service Area A” (first phase that was funded). We changed to new crowd sourcing software (COS Service Zones from Sweden), so you will also be able to “map yourself” for future phases in western Nevada County. We plan to break ground and start construction in late spring / early summer. Happy New Year! http://www.spiral.com/signup

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8 comments to Spiral’s Gigabit Service Sign-ups Begin

  • Darby Salazar is

    When will my area get done?

  • John Boucher

    Already signed up. Can’t wait to have some real internet. Thanks guys you guys are great

  • Peter Stevenson

    I live at 12481 Palmer Rd. Nevada City, CA 95959 and want to get on the waiting list. On February 9th At&t will activate my land line. My middle stepson tells me you have some way of delivering DSL already in our area. Please advise

  • Hi Peter. Please call our office at 478-9822 and one of our customer support guys here in downtown Nevada City can help you regarding DSL. If you want to get on the “waiting list” then go to http://www.spiral.com/fiber and enter your address. You will be asked to fill out a short survey. Thanks, Nick.

  • Hi Darby. Where do you live? Thanks, Nick.

  • Thanks John! Much appreciated. Nick.

  • Sandie H

    Any word yet on the Comcast challenge area and will letters be going out soon?

  • Hi Sandie. Soon. We’re finishing up on the funded portion of Service Area A first. Spiral’s staff did drive down every street and map the Comcast coverage based on equipment. We now have facts to ascertain that Comcast perhaps didn’t quite tell the truth to the CPUC. Thanks. John.

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