Why America’s Internet Speeds are Sub-Standard

This recent Bill Moyers interview with Susan Crawford, author of the provocative “Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age”, is worth watching, especially if you’re wondering why many of us in Nevada County (and the USA) have sub-standard Internet access speeds.

Susan Crawford on Why U.S. […]

Good Ancestors

Spiral has worked hard for about three years now on providing faster broadband access for the area we live in. Ironically, we’re in the midst of an area that California and the Federal government have been targeting to close the “digital gap”.

As a result we are closely aligned with the state process for rounds of CASF funding grants to assist in creating the infrastructure for faster broadband (that in other countries is considered paltry progress).  In the process we have explored legal services towards the grant we are submitting. John met Jim Baller at one of the national conferences on Fiber and subsequently talked with him about legal services. Jim Baller, of the Baller Herbst Law Group in Washington D.C., educated at Cornell Law and Dartmouth College,frequently gave presentations and guidance on ARRA (American Rural Recovery Act) grants and other broadband issues and continues to offer insight on broadband issues through BroadbandUS.TV, and Lexmonitor. As well, their group puts out a weekly email feed referencing national activity related to Broadband. Needless to say, but I will: we highly value and trust his experience and judgement regarding Broadband.

In a rare moment Mr. Baller sent an email to his contacts about the suicide of Aaron Schwartz (as reported by CNN Tech), 26, an internet savant and activist.

Here’s one of Aaron’s talks: Aaron Schwartz (as reported on Boing Boing).

Why all the fu-fu-rah?  Because, he was smart, young, and part of the forefront for the next generation of internet use. His ideas in contrast to those of the Boomers and older often don’t understand the power, influence, and what is just the juvenile beginning of where the internet is heading…  Or maybe the establishment does — and they are trying to corner the market for maximum profit.

Aaron had written about his struggles with depression since he was a teenager.

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