The War to Curtail Faster Internet Access

As many new homeowners, and even business owners, have discovered recently, AT&T (our local incumbent telephone company) is dropping the ball big time when it comes to DSL service. Also, the telcos and the cable companies, Comcast in particular, are fighting gigabit fiber optic network construction across the country. They are loud, and can [...]

Spiral to Use Google’s Fiber Pole Technology Making Wireless Internet Obsolete

Google’s latest technology makes fiber access finally available for rural America.

Spiral Internet announced today that they are planning to use Google’s new fiber-to-the-pole technology throughout the 430 square miles of western Nevada County.

Click here to watch the video and find a pole nearest you.

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2 days and counting

Thanks to Darren, Gladys and Sunne at CETF for leading the way. And to Ana Maria, Tom, Michael and Rob at the CPUC for their patient guidance. And especially to Steve at Tellus Venture Associates for helping us pull it all together.

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