Google Announces Kansas City, Kansas

This morning, Google announced that their Fiber for Communities deployment will be in Kansas City, Kansas with service being turned on sometime in 2012. Google stated on its blog that “our goal was to find a location where we could build efficiently”. …. read more. It’s clear that sister Kansas town, Topeka, which renamed itself Google for the competition, is probably feeling a touch bit disappointed today.

When Spiral Internet submitted the 95959google application last spring, we wrote in the application that we knew we wouldn’t be the first choice. But, if Google wanted to test 1Gb speeds in a rural geographically diverse area, we were it.

Last week, Chip and John attended the Next Generation Broadband state conference in Monterey. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with a member of the Google Fiber for Communities team. He let us know that the “imminent announcement” would be the first of multiple fiber projects. We also made a good case for western Nevada County as a pilot rural project.

We think, there’s a chance of still getting that call from Google.

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