Spiral’s Broadband Internet Surveys are First Step for Ultra-High Speed Internet Access in Nevada County

Spiral Internet has posted online surveys to assess the need and map the areas where access to broadband Internet service is critical in western Nevada County.

Take the Broadband Surveys

Residents are encouraged to take the survey at  http://www.spiralinternet.com/survey
Business owners are encouraged to take the survey at  http://www.spiralinternet.com/bizsurvey

Spiral Inspired by Google’s Fiber Optic Initiative

Spiral Internet is best known for its 95959google effort in 2010 to attract Google’s 1 Gbps (gigabit per second) fiber optic network initiative here. Watch the 8-minute video produced for this effort to find out why Nevada County shouldn’t be left behind. Google’s project went to Kansas City, but Spiral spent the better part of two years researching the prospect of building a similar network in Nevada County. The outcome: our future is bright.

An Ideal Convergence Makes it Possible

The perfect combination of an open access middle-mile fiber optic infrastructure project plus funding from the California Public Utilities Commission is making the vision of providing ultra-high Internet speed – over a 100% fiber optic network directly to homes and businesses – a reality.

Initial Community Meetings Have Been Held

In June, Spiral presented their plan at ten community meetings in areas ranging from the “little town of Washington” and the Tyler Foote Road corridor to Lodestar and the Highway 174 corridor. Areas where wireline (copper or cable) broadband Internet access is currently marginal or nonexistent and fixed wireless service is spotty because of the terrain.

A Community Effort Will Make it Happen

Spiral sees their 100% fiber optic project as an all-out community effort. Neighborhoods and businesses that fill out the surveys will definitely be noted as places to be considered for initial connectivity. Feedback, ideas and suggestions from the community will be solicited as the project moves forward.

Follow NevadaCountyConnected.com for general information. Individuals that fill out surveys will receive more detailed up-to-date news as the project progresses, starting in the fall.

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5 comments to Spiral’s Broadband Internet Surveys are First Step for Ultra-High Speed Internet Access in Nevada County

  • New blog post: Spiral’s Broadband Internet Surveys are First Step for Ultra-High Speed Internet Access in Nevada Co… http://t.co/1FVLNv8A

  • Jackie Phillips

    please please connect us in Ponderosa Pines mobil home park… There is a lot of us older folks that like the internet and we have been at the mercy of dial up,, slow satellite or expensive other sources.. I live on Dalewood way and we need you…

  • john

    Please take the survey at spiralinternet.com/survey and this will help us map your area.

  • Nick

    I can’t remember if I commented on this when I took the survey or not, but one thing is that I would personally be willing to pay more than I pay to you now if that meant that you could upgrade your nevada county networks to fiber. I know you have spriral fusion in sacramento and hope you could at some point roll out a similar service in this area, even with its logistical challenges. Thanks!

  • john

    Nick, thanks for you feedback. Spiral Fusion in Sacramento is just an upgraded DSL solution. So rather than do something incremental like that here, we are in the planning stages of deploying a 100% fiber to the home network in western Nevada County. Every home we connect will have a 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) up/down capacity out the door, making us future-safe. Identical to what Google is doing in the Kansas Cities.

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