Vast Networks Fiber Optic Infrastructure Project to Begin Construction

Vast Networks is starting construction on the Nevada County portion of their $66 million 18-county fiber optic infrastructure project that was funded by an American Reinvestment and Recovery Act stimulus grant and California Public Utilities Commission funds. Spiral Internet will be utilizing this network as a backbone to provide ultra-high speed Internet access to customers locally.

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4 comments to Vast Networks Fiber Optic Infrastructure Project to Begin Construction

  • J.B. Nestorick

    May I ask who the contractors are that are installing the system?
    I’m looking for work and I’m searching for the companies involved in the construction aspect.
    thank you J.B.

  • CVIN (dba Vast Networks) is overseeing the build out of the 18-county fiber optic infrastructure project that is coming through Nevada County. From our understanding, there was competitive bidding and a firm from Minnesota (of all places) is doing the construction here right now. Contact us, also, at Spiral Internet, Nevada City (478-9822) and we would be glad to see if there is any more information we might provide to you.

  • Scott W

    Does Vast Networks utilize any type of fiber management tool to properly maintain and manage the fiber network? Typically, new network managers will utilize CAD, Excel (connectivity) and other applications to maintain and manage the network. These do not provide any type of functionality and collaborative use. Thank you!

  • You will need to contact Vast Networks directly regarding your question. But remember, this is a middle-mile infrastructure project providing no last-mile (to the home or business) services in western Nevada County.

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