Fiber Optic Networks and Smart Grid Technology

They did it in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Lafayette, Louisiana. Nearby in California, the Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative is doing it too, as Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications. Municipal and rural electric companies are building 100% fiber optic networks to the home/business to deploy smart grid technology, then offering ultra high speed Internet access over those same networks.

As Spiral Internet deploys its fiber optic network here, a perfect opportunity starts to form for a more localized electrical utility. This kind of initiative is not for the faint of heart, as PG&E pushes back extremely hard on these kind of endeavors. However, a locally-owned fiber optic network gives us the capability to consider a project of this scale. (Reinette, are you reading our blog?)

Last year, we had the opportunity to meet with Graham Richards – former mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana – who was instrumental in bringing much better Internet access to his city (as well as streamlining lots of government processes) during his tenure. Last year, he was hired as the CEO of Advanced Energy Economy based in San Francisco which is laser-focused on building a 21st century electrical system in the U.S. That organization has launched a terrific website outlining electricity usage and related state-by-state public utility commission / legislature information.

The opportunity, expertise and resources are available. Will we make it happen?

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1 comment to Fiber Optic Networks and Smart Grid Technology

  • David Wong

    Keep me informed on the progress towards fiber to Nevada County. I am located 3 driveways off of 174 and understand that the 174 route will be one of the first to receive fiber. I am at 174 and N. Meadow View Rd. I’m available to help however I can. I am a photographer and video producer/cameraman.

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