The War to Curtail Faster Internet Access

As many new homeowners, and even business owners, have discovered recently, AT&T (our local incumbent telephone company) is dropping the ball big time when it comes to DSL service. Also, the telcos and the cable companies, Comcast in particular, are fighting gigabit fiber optic network construction across the country. They are loud, and can have clout.

Two articles appeared this week which reveal the war that is being waged in the name of profit. Customer service be damned.

The first one is on and titled “AT&T Tries to Keep the Axing of Millions of DSL Users a Secret.” At Spiral Internet, we are finding that as home owners and businesses move out of locations which previously had access to DSL service, the new owner moves in and DSL access disappears. This is happening across western Nevada County at an alarming rate.

The second article is on ArsTechnica and titled “AT&T and Verizon say 10Mbps is too fast for ‘broadband,’ 4Mbps is enough.” It reports about the fight that is being waged with the FCC which is suggesting that we might actually need much faster service than the miserable 4Mbps downstream / 1 Mbps upstream speeds that are currently standard for describing a “broadband” connection.

The good news here in western Nevada County is that Spiral Internet‘s gigabit fiber optic project — which will bring symmetrical and wired Gigabit service to 2,900 households and 300 businesses to start — is finally on track to be funded later this year. And yes, just like Google is delivering to Kansas City, Austin and Provo; we are fulfilling the promise of 95959google here. Stay tuned, as we’ll be posting further information in the weeks to follow.

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5 comments to The War to Curtail Faster Internet Access

  • Ian

    Hello! I’m very curious to hear the latest update with the fiber project.



  • A sure sign a commercial enterprise (in this case telecommunications services) is in trouble is when it bases its business model on NOT selling services to customers who want them.

  • @Ian
    Check out today’s posts. Exciting news!

    @Fred Pilot
    It’s not that they are completely refusing to serve customers, but it’s still a disappointment. AT&T is refocusing their data delivery efforts in this county on their cellular network. It would be great to be able to say that it offered the same customer benefits as DSL, but the reality is that cellular data plans come with limits, overage charges, and network congestion.

  • Any help on problems with poor Internet service in Truckee with Suddenlink. The quality is poor and they are bandwidth constrained. If I didn’t have gas or water service suring peak times there would be a lawsuit!

  • Hi Peter. We’re aware that Internet service in Truckee is problematic. Spiral is looking at building our network in other geographic areas in Nevada County and Northern California. Stay tuned in 2015.

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