Spiral’s Bright Fiber Network is Launched

Spiral is building a Gigabit 100% fiber optic Internet network in western Nevada County. We will be connecting homes and businesses — from an underground network to be located along the roads — all the way to the premise.

We are building in areas where Comcast and Suddenlink do not provide service, as the access speeds those companies currently deliver are considered satisfactory by the California Public Utilities Commission, and hence not fundable. That still leaves a lot of territory to cover.

We have divided western Nevada County into three phases. The cost of building the first phase is about to be funded, in part, by a California Public Utilities Commission grant. The matching amount is being raised by private funds, and we want to show our investors that households are really interested in our new ultra fast service. In fact, we want to show that for all three phases that we’ve mapped.

No worries, we absolutely plan to build the next two phases. All of this will take time — about 5-7 years overall. But remember, we’re building a network that will be scalable and useable for 100 years.

So, this is how you come in. We need you to show us that you’re interested in our new service by (1) filling out the form on our Crowd Fiber website, and finding out if you’re located in the project areas we mapped, and (2) then showing your interest by sending us your contact information.

If you’re outside our mapped areas, then let us know that you have a neighborhood of people who want in. We will absolutely respond to your request, and see how we can fit you in.

So there is no need to do anything now, except to say you’re “in”. And no obligation by doing that.

It’s that easy.

START by going to http://spiral.crowdfiber.com

If you have any questions, or want to jump right in and be your neighborhood’s organizer, give us a call at (530) 478-9822.

We will be contacting businesses and neighborhood organizations in our phase one project area sometime in late summer 2015.

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29 comments to Spiral’s Bright Fiber Network is Launched

  • Tim Proffitt

    Just wondering what the latest is with the fiber optics network installation. I live at 13511 N. Meadow View and I believe are in the first area to get it. Is this still true and we are still estimating this spring?

  • Tim. We are going through some last minute “hoops” with the California Public Utilities Commission to get our funding approved. Hopefully it will be put to vote within the next few weeks. Given that delay, construction would most likely not begin until fall of this year (2015). Once we get moving, we’ll have lots of update on this website.

  • Tim C.

    Is there a map showing phase 1 of the project somewhere? I found out I am in zone A, but haven’t found information on the phases.

  • Zack Jones

    Any new news? Has the funding been approved?

    I’m just a bit down the highway from Tim.

  • Hi Tim,

    Please go to http://www.spiral.com/fiber to let us know you are in Phase 1 and interested. We will be having more information later this summer on our construction schedule. Stay tuned.


  • Hi Zack,

    We should have news within the month. It’s been a long process.


  • john jackson

    PLEASE give us the internet! we cant even get satellite or dial up! Zone A Warren Drive! PLEASE?!?!?!

  • We live on Rattlesnake Road toward Alta Sierra. That we are currently on Comcast and not still on satellite is kind of a fluke. I happened to spot a Comcast van across the street one day several years ago and ran over and asked the technician if our house is eligible. He came over and did some tests and told us that we are at the very end of their limit of coverage, but I convinced him to hook us up. Most of the time the service is just adequate (but still better than satellite). Today it’s slow. I just did speed test and got 6.24M down and 5.82M up.

    I understand that we are in your covered area, so I too am following Spiral’s development with keen interest.

    Any newsworthy developments in the last couple of months (since your last posting)?

  • Hi Don, We hope to be announcing something soon. John

  • Hi John, We hope to be announcing something soon. John

  • Thanks Don. I did not make your link public. John

  • Adam

    What about Newtown Road?
    I have seen fibre burried parallel to the road just a few yards from my home.

  • Adam, Newtown Road will be in Phase 2 (or Zone B) of our construction. The fiber optic cable that was installed there is owned by CVIN, and is a middle mile transport project. It cannot deliver Internet to homes directly. Stay tuned about Zone B & C projects. Thanks, John

  • Austin Harper

    Please please please come to Colfax CA. I live on Norton Grade Road by Carpenter Road and the only internet I can get at my house is through ColfaxNet and it is HORRIBLE. Better internet would be a blessing to my city.

  • Tom Rodgers

    Hello. I live at 15081 Rattlesnake Rd. I see that I am in zone A. Will that be the first area built? When do you expect to start build in that area? Thank you.

  • David Swartzendruber

    I live off Brunswick Rd (Beaver Dr) and was wondering if there are plans for fiber here.

  • David Wong

    Any more news since the funding approvals. It would be nice to hear if the project is on schedule and a more definitive timeline than late spring, if you would. We are in phase one. Thanks.

  • Hi David. We’re nearing the end of our environmental analysis. And will break ground this summer. Soon, we’ll have more frequent posts and upstages here. John

  • Hi David. Just go to http://www.spiral.com/fiber and you can map your location in our project areas. If you’re not in a project area, but adjacent, no worries as we’re taking all interested households into account. John

  • Hi Tom. Yes Zone A has been funded and we are currently in environmental reports. You’ll be receiving information soon from our Neighborhood Coordinator, Nick, about upcoming community meetings and how to sign up. We plan to break ground this summer. John

  • Hi Austin. We’ll be looking at adjacent areas in Placer County once our Zone A is completed. But here’s the good news. Colfax’s telephone company (Verizon) is being taken over by Frontier. Frontier has agreed (before the California Public Utilities Commission) to provide better internet service is the areas it is acquiring. Given that Verizon never deployed DSL in Colfax, this is a plus. Secondly, your cable provider is now Wave Broadband. I would give them a call and see if they are planning expansion. In any case, please map your household by going to http://www.spiral.com/fiber This will help us identify areas outside of our designated project areas. Thanks. John

  • What’s the progress on Zone A?

  • Jason Starace


    We’re looking to purchase a home in Zone C, since we haven’t purchased the home yet I don’t want to sign up on the link mentioned above. I was however curious as to what the ETA is to begin construction for Zone C.



  • nick

    Hi Jason, I can’t give you an accurate timeline for Zone C as that depends on how smoothly the construction goes on Zones A and B. However, I can tell you that we will being building Zone A early in 2017 and it will take approximately 12-18 months to complete. Based on that, it will most likely be around 3-4 years before we can connect you there in Zone C.

  • byron young

    I would be interested in fiber bt I don’t need 1 gb speed. My needs would be satisfied at a 10 mb level. What if any tiers would be provided and at what monthly charge?

  • byron young

    I am interested in the project but don’t need 1 gb speed. Are other lower speeds to be offered and at what monthly charges?

  • nick

    Sorry Byron, we won’t be offering any kind of tiered pricing. To keep things simple, we will have one available plan at one price. 1 Gbps up and down with no data caps or hidden fees, at $119 per month.

  • Tom Rodgers

    Hello. I am in zone a and have registered my address, I know details are coming, (hopefully soon). Does that one available plan include TV and Phone service? Thanks

  • Hi Byron. Most people don’t understand internet access speeds. They just know when it’s not working. Our philosophy is, “what if it just worked.” With that in mind, we are only offering 1 Gigabit per second symmetrical speed access. In the areas where we are building households are typically paying $45 for a landline, $70-$100 for DirecTV/DISH and $60-$90 for slow internet access. Our 1 Gbps symmetrical service will cost $119 per month, with no data caps, and no contacts. Once you have symmetrical speed, you can shut off your landline (as your cell phone will switch over to the internal high-speed WiFi in your home), and can end satellite TV (switching to much more affordable services via Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire or Tivo). In most cases, households will be paying less overall per month.

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