Fiber Optic Project Awarded “Telephone Utility” Status

On May 7, the California Public Utilities Commission Board voted unanimously to approve a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the building of western Nevada County’s gigabit fiber optic Internet network. Most importantly, this “telephone utility” status gives us “access to public rights of way in California”. This certification was critical in obtaining as simplifies the installation of our fiber optic infrastructure in the same way afforded AT&T, Comcast and PG&E. In the absence of an “Internet utility” status in California, this telecommunications designation is key. Essentially, a big win for Nevada County. Stay tuned.

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16 comments to Fiber Optic Project Awarded “Telephone Utility” Status

  • Zack Jones

    That’s great news!

    Thanks for keeping us all updated. I’m looking forward to seeing the dream become a reality.

  • Brian Foster

    Great news! Nevada county is not only in need of a modern, scalable, and reliable network it deserves it as well. This can be a catalyst to spur growth and entice companys to migrate and bring jobs and prosperity with them. Congratulations on this victory. I for one am looking forward to a brighter future here, and this is a key step in that direction.


  • Harvey Campbell

    When will we see cable being laid.

  • Hi Harvey, We hope to be announcing something soon. John

  • Brian Foster

    Hello, any updates on the status of this project? I think we’re all anxiously awaiting some good news.


  • Hi Brian. We should have news within the next month. Getting close to the end of the process. Thanks for your support. John

  • Crystal Cook

    I’m looking forward to hearing any updates on this project! 🙂

  • Brian Foster

    Hi John, it is nearing the end of October and I thought I’d ping you yet again to hopefully get some good news. Being a telecommuter in Nevada County, I for one am really looking forward to this project getting started and successfully launched. I’m trying not to be the proverbial “pest”, just looking for some good news to tide me over on my bad connection! Thanks!


  • Alex Crawford

    This is great news, i hope some of this fiber brings some high speed providers to South County/Dog Bar area. This area is lacking in having many good selection for providers that can support a home workers like myself. Please keep us posted.

  • Hi Alex, We’re nearing the end of the grant process to receive funding to build phase 1. South County / Dog Bar is in phase 1. Please go to and map yourself, so we can update you about our progress. Thanks, John

  • Hi Brian, As you might imagine, the funding process has been extremely frustrating. We have a few small hoops to jump through, but are getting very close to beginning. Thanks for your patience. John

  • Hi Crystal, We have been through a rather grueling almost three-year process to receive funding from the California Public Utilities Commission. We have a few more hoops to jump through, but should have news soon. Thanks for asking. John

  • Brian Foster

    Hi John. I can only imagine the amount of bureaucratic nightmares you and your team have dealt with in regards to funding and other regulatory issues. I, for one, would like to thank you for your commitment and dedication to this project as I am 100% convinced it will be a huge spark plug for the local economy and bring so many opportunities with it. I appreciate all of the effort by yourself and partners.


  • Sam S.

    It can’t come soon enough! Our fixed wireless is so unreliable and slow. Keep the updates coming, please, and thank you for your persistence.

  • john

    Brian, Please see the most recent post. I’m very excited that we are moving forward. John

  • john

    Thanks Sam. Please see my most recent post. You can help us in this final sprint to funding. John

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