Six years ago today, 95959google started it all …

On March 14, 2010, Spiral Internet — along with a terrific team of volunteers — made the rally to get Google’s attention a reality. It was a sunny, warm early Spring day. Hundreds of people showed up to do what we do best in Nevada City … throw a parade and a party. For “old times sake”, watch the video again at and see how our event made its way into the New York Times, and CBS News with Katy Couric.

Know that 95959google made it clear to us that the community would support our efforts to build a similar network here. (We always knew that Google would pick a much bigger city, and it did — Kansas City first.) We were thrilled to be one of the 1,100 communities that submitted proposals. We’re even more thrilled to be one of the few that went ahead to build a gigabit network ourselves. And, ironically technologically a better one than Google is building elsewhere. (But shhh. Don’t tell them.)

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10 comments to Six years ago today, 95959google started it all …

  • Brian Foster

    Good stuff! Any pertinent updates to report such as design status, permits, construction schedule etc? I’m sure I speak for most in Zone A, we are really getting excited the closer we get to making this a reality.


  • Anon

    I assume you meant March 14, 2006 😉

    Can’t wait till you guys roll through my neighborhood with the awesomene!

  • Ian

    Happy birthday! Maybe an update on the schedule / progress?

  • Zack Jones

    “On March 14, 2016” If it was 6 years ago shouldn’t that be “On March 14, 2010”?

    Any news on the progress so far?

  • Jay Evans

    Any news on the project? How is everything going at the moment? We are excited to hear some news! Thanks!

  • Hi Jay. We’re nearing the end of the environmental assessment. We’ll be posting updates more frequently (daily) as the actual construction starts. John

  • Hi Zack. Thanks for noting the typo. (What year is it anyhow?) We will be breaking ground in summer. Construction schedules and progress will be posted here on a regular basis. John

  • Hi Ian. We’re finishing the the environmental analysis, and once that’s done we’ll be posting regularly with construction schedule updates. John

  • Actually, March 14, 2010. It’s been corrected. Check out Thanks! John

  • Hi Brian. We’re just finishing up environmental work. Soon you’ll be hearing from our Neighborhood Coordinator, Nick, about community meetings and schedule updates. We plan to break ground this summer. John

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