Gigabit Project Update

We’ve been quiet here at Nevada County Connected, but Spiral’s gigabit fiber optic project has been steadily moving forward for the past three months. Before we break ground this fall, we’ve been compiling an exhaustive environmental report in the Zone A project area. This includes identifying and mapping both biological and historical assets. Given both our Gold Rush and native American histories, as well as our foothill water and plant diversity, there’s been a lot to map. The good news is that since we will be boring (yes, all underground) primarily along the edge of existing roads, our approval should move forward readily upon submittal.

Also, our new offices in the Nevada County Tech Center are being designed and the full team is expected to come aboard at summer’s end. Nick Katzman, Spiral’s Neighborhood Coordinator, is already scheduling Zone A homeowner’s and road association meetings. If you’d like to set one up, call Nick at 478-9822.

It’s an exciting time. Once we hit the dirt, they’ll be lots to report and these posts will be much more frequent. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

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6 comments to Gigabit Project Update

  • James Ayers

    Cool. I am looking forward to see the results. Keep going and never give up.

  • Shawn C.

    This is exciting news! I’m so glad to hear the project is just about in full swing. I can’t wait until the Smartsville area gets fiber, although I think that’s Zone C, so it’s going to be a long wait for me. Regardless, I appreciate that you’re taking your time to do this right and get everything approved.

    I’ve been living with Dial-up, and just recently, AT&T’s low-end DSL as my only options. I live too far down a ridge for all the local wireless services, and I don’t even consider satellite an option. I make due with what I have though. I got through college with some horrible AT&T router/modem hardware, but I got that sorted and now I primarily play competitive games online and watch YouTube, which I can just barely get by on with AT&T’s best offerings unless my family wants to stream something on Netflix or browse Facebook.

  • We’re in Zone A, but I understand that we won’t be eligible for a free connection because Comcast is already serving us (poorly, because we are nominally just over the outer boundary of their coverage in our neighborhood).

    So, free or not, I’d like information about getting connected as soon as that information becomes available.

  • Brian Foster

    Any updates? Getting anxious for quality Internet. Thanks.

  • Brian, we just posted an update. We will be very busy constructing the network in 2017.

  • Don. We’re about to send a mailing to the area (yours) that Comcast had the CPUC cut out of our Zone A project’s funding area. We know that some households, like yours, have connections, but believe that most don’t. We won’t charge for connections wherever we build, it’s just that the CPUC won’t provide grant monies for those households connected to Comcast or Suddenlink. Stay tuned.

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