Susan Crawford says “Life is Short, Get in the Way”

Susan Crawford, author of the recently published “Captive Audience“, gave a terrific short talk at the 2013 National Conference for Media Reform. Her rallying cry is that we need to start with 100 Mbps symmetrical Internet access for all Americans, at reasonable prices. She is our hero.

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Why America’s Internet Speeds are Sub-Standard

This recent Bill Moyers interview with Susan Crawford, author of the provocative “Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age”, is worth watching, especially if you’re wondering why many of us in Nevada County (and the USA) have sub-standard Internet access speeds.

Susan Crawford on Why U.S. […]

How We’re Penalized for AT&T’s Missed Opportunity

In 1993, AT&T had the vision to promote how they would create the future via a TV advertising campaign.

However, once AT&T collapsed into the corporate grip of Texas-based Southwestern Bell (aka SBC Global), they didn’t deliver. Companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Skype and Netflix did. In Benoit Felten’s recent post on […]