How We’re Penalized for AT&T’s Missed Opportunity

In 1993, AT&T had the vision to promote how they would create the future via a TV advertising campaign.

However, once AT&T collapsed into the corporate grip of Texas-based Southwestern Bell (aka SBC Global), they didn’t deliver. Companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Skype and Netflix did. In Benoit Felten’s recent post on […]

Spiral Internet featured in Broadband Blindness

Earlier this year, Sacramento filmmaker Rob Osborn, came to Nevada City to tape part of a proposed online series about broadband Internet access in northern California. The three part 25-minute video, titled “Broadband Blindness“, was posted today for viewing. John Paul, co-owner of Spiral Internet, was interviewed for the series, and is featured in […]

Google Fiber for Communities – Nevada City prepares to submit a Request For Information (RFI) for Googles “Fiber for Communities”. The RFI announced on Feb 10, 2010 for municipalities to provide them with information about their community to determine where to build and test an ultra-high speed broadband network. (see:

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