Comcast’s Questionable Low-Income Service

About a year ago with much fanfare, former California Public Utilities Commissioner Rachelle Chong, employed by Comcast, announced Comcast’s Internet access service for low income households in California. Recently, the Gold Country Broadband Consortium blog also touted this $9.95 per month service.

However, the devil is indeed in the details. posted today that […]

Will the Gold Country Broadband Consortium Deliver?

Many people received or were forwarded the invitation from the Sierra Economic Development Corporation (SED Corp) for this week’s March 29th kick-off workshop of the Gold Country Broadband Consortium, and probably have been wondering what it is all about.

After the Federal stimulus funds for broadband ended in 2010, the California Public Utilities Commission […]

Google’s Kansas City 1Gig Project is Delayed

It appears that Google is experiencing the same pushback that many non-telco Internet Service Providers hit up against when attempting to install new state-of-the-art fiber optic networks. The obstacles are often in place to give favor to the incumbents. Incumbents who are satisfied making profits off of old and horribly outdated copper and cable […]