Spiral to Use Google’s Fiber Pole Technology Making Wireless Internet Obsolete

Google’s latest technology makes fiber access finally available for rural America.

Spiral Internet announced today that they are planning to use Google’s new fiber-to-the-pole technology throughout the 430 square miles of western Nevada County.

Click here to watch the video and find a pole nearest you.

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The End of an Era: No More Choice for AT&T Internet Customers, Unless They Switch

Some AT&T customers in Grass Valley have just received a form letter indicating they are being involuntarily switched to U-verse High-Speed Internet effective Wednesday, August 15, 2012. If a customer has been thinking of switching AT&T DSL Internet service to a local or regional DSL provider, it must be done within the next few […]

AT&T U-verse: Beware, There is No Turning Back

AT&T has quietly “rolled out” what it promotes to be its new U-verse service in areas closest to their central offices (COs) in both Nevada City and Grass Valley. True U-verse has been deployed in urban areas using fiber-optic technology, hence the addition of cable-like television services.

This won’t be happening in western Nevada […]