Initially, Nevada County Connected was the name given the carrier-grade wireless broadband infrastructure project that Chip Carman and John Paul, co-owners of Spiral Internet located in Nevada City, kicked off in fall of 2008 upon recommendation by Nevada County CIO Steve Monaghan. When Federal broadband development stimulus funds (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – ARRA) were announced, it was determined that it would be best to have Spiral partner with the non-profit Nevada County Economic Resource Council.

Hundreds of hours of work went into the application processes. Although the project received state funding via the California Advanced Services Fund in fall of 2009, it was declined funding in both Round 1 (January 2010) and Round 2 (September 2010) of ARRA funding.

In early 2010, Spiral Internet applied for Google’s Fiber for Communities initiative. Out of 1,100 applicants, Google chose Kansas City (Kansas and Missouri). That effort produced a spark. A spark that said “we can do that here, even if Google wasn’t involved.”

And so begin a two-year journey that led us to a new Nevada County Connected. One that is bringing the capacity of 1 Gig symmetrical fiber optic connectivity to homes and businesses in western Nevada County. We’re saying “our future is bright.”

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Below are links to all the government agencies that are working on bringing faster Internet access in the California and the USA.





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